Please read regarding new year!!!

Hey sand volleyball players,

With the recent warm weather and daylight savings time
change, Virginia Highlands Volleyball (VaHiVB) members are
starting to use the courts at John Howell Park more
regularly. As in the past, annual dues of
$50 are due by April 1. The preferred
payment method is to use PayPal to send $50 to our email
address ( or
use the PayPal link on our website
( Please be sure to select
the option in PayPal for a payment to “Friends and
Family”. The court schedule will be the same as last
year which is also on our website.

Landscaping plans to renovate the court area are complete,
and we are now awaiting a permit from the City of
Atlanta. We have already contributed to the fund
raising effort and will need to contribute more in the
future including the cost to improve drainage. This is on
top of our recurring cost to rent the storage shed and
maintain the courts.

We look forward to seeing you on the courts this year!

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