Court History

From Terry Moy (bottom left)

"If memory serves me right, it was sometime around 1982 that Jaime worked his magic on the rear property owner, neighborhood group and Inman School to get permission to develop the site. I remember that the first lighting system we had Georgia Power put in was the low pressure sodium type and the balls strobed so bad/good we got distracted.

I met my current wife Pat during the first construction party when she lived across the street on Clemont. She later incorporated us and the IVBCA checking account was in my name from the law firm she worked at."

From Jamie Dutro (far right)

"It was never a grass court there though – it was a weed choked corner lot with half-exposed demolished house foundations where bums spent the night in the brush. We somehow (Charles Longley?) got the City Parks & Rec to send out a bulldozer and regrade it – there was even a grading plan submitted and approved. The Civic Association was glad to have us – we maintained the site and didn’t cost them a dime at a time when the neighborhood was not yet so gentrified. It was just hard cracked dirt the first year until we got sand donated for one court and then for the other along with purchase sand from all the bars we frequented like George’s and Atkins Park, even Murphy’s (once like pulling teeth). Brett Boston convinced us to make them sand courts. Rob Rivers was in charge of the City of Atlanta water dept and had a water meter installed and we ran water for a shower. We had a port-o-let until the bums burnt it down once too many times after cutting the locks off. Paul and I dug a hole (late into one evening under car headlights like gravediggers) and we buried a salvaged job-box where we kept the nets until we convinced the even then an octogenarian Ms Jernigan to let us rent half her garage. There was at least part of one year when the beach players quit showing up because a crowd of Hotlanta players took over completely until we all learned to get along; and another summer when the women stopped playing for a while because some guy in Buick parked on the street and “pleasured” himself. I believe it was Mike Minick who "asked" him to get lost. There are other stories that have to be sealed for 70 years like the Warren report."